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DIGITAL GUIDE: 10 Tips to Maximize Engagement on Instagram

DIGITAL GUIDE: 10 Tips to Maximize Engagement on Instagram

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If you're a business owner, or perhaps an influencer or a brand rep or someone who enjoys selling essential oils, for example, then it's incredibly important to beat the Instagram algorithm, so to speak.

For some of us, Instagram is essential to our work. Most importantly, though, it allows us to connect with real people who have similar interests. Believe it or not, this app has enormous potential to create genuine, long lasting friendships. The more we can get people to engage, the more we can learn about them and serve them in the best ways possible.

As it stands, only 1-3% of our followers actually see what we're posting. Crazy right?! But if we can post content that gets our fans commenting, sharing and genuinely loving what we have to say, then we're one step ahead of the game because it gives our posts a little "boost" in the algorithm (that mathematical thing that determines who sees whose posts). And I'd like to show you how I do just that!
If you're feeling stuck or simply hearing crickets for hours and days after you post, then give my guide a try! I'll tell you exactly what I've done to authentically grow an engaged Instagram following to over 17,000 this year.


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Included in this guide:
-38 page instant downloadable guide (no waiting for the mail!)

-10 of my best tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis
-Straight forward and easy ways to implement my tips immediately
-Links to products and free apps that I use to make Instagram easier
-Instagram hacks and features that you may not be using to your advantage

**This is a digital file. You will not receive a physical product mailed to you. 

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